Economics research graphs


Faculty and students in the Economics Department actively engage in research

Faculty in the Economics Department are actively engaged in research activities along with their commitment to high quality teaching. Faculty research is robust and diverse, resulting in outstanding contributions to economics and public policy. To see the breadth and depth of faculty research in published papers and current working papers, please see a faculty member's personal research page:

Research of Baafra Abeberese
Research of Kristin Butcher
Research of Courtney Coile
Research of Eric Hilt
Research of Joe Joyce
Research of Pinar Keskin
Research of Phil Levine
Research of Patrick McEwan
Research of Seth Neumuller
Research of Kyung Park
Research of Casey Rothschild
Research of Kartini Shastry
Research of Olga Shurchkov
Research of Akila Weerapana

Faculty support students with their own research idea and also, extend research opportunities to highly motivated students by inviting them to work on a faculty research project. By working colloboratively with faculty members on a research effort, students enhance their knowledge and learn best practices in the field of economics. Students develop invaluable skills including how to develop a research question, establish a framework, and analyze data effectively while exploring economics on a deeper level. Please see Student Research for more information.