Student Awards

The economics department recognizes excellence among its students.

Annual awards are granted toward the end of the spring semester.

2024 Economics Department Award Winners

The Natalie Bolton Faculty Prize in Economics (Best 200-level Paper):
Elina Liu and Yuting Wang for "The Warriors (1979. How Does Lack of Cooperation Lead to Ruin?"

The Natalie Bolton Faculty Prize in Econometrics:
Zoe Mitchell, Maureena Murphy, and Pauline Parankis for "Zero Tolerance and Zero Statistical Significance: ZTPs and High School Graduation Rates"

The Natalie Bolton Faculty Prize in Economics (Best 300-level Papers):
Lucy Liversidge, Harriet Martin, and Christina Park for "Assessing and ITC Investigation: The Case of Large Residential Washing Machines from China"

The Natalie Bolton Thesis Prize:
Empirical Economics: Clara Chambers '24, "How Vulnerable are the Recently Released? Testing the First 72 Hour Hypothesis"
Economic Theory: Fatima Djalalova '24, "Optimal Policy with Endogeneous Wages"
Economic Policy: Addie New-Schmidt '24, "Closing the Gates? The Effects of Affirmative Action Bans on Enrollment and Earnings"

The Wall Street Journal Award:
Addie New-Schmidt '24 and Amy Zhang '24

The Natalie Bolton Student Prize:
Fatima Djalalova '24