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EALC and EAS Alumnae profiles

This page is dedicated to recent EALC and EAS alumnae: what they studied at Wellesley and how it impacted their post-graduate lives. Are you an EALC/EAS alum? Send us your story!

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Alumnae Spotlight

Xiao "CL" Tian '10
East Asian Studies

Xiao "CL" Tian '10

CL is currently the business owner of PINKOA and a consultant.

How did your EALC Major/Minor contribute or influence your future on a professional and/or personal level?
I now do projects with owners of multinational companies who focus on China or Japan, traveling there 1-2 times a year, and linking them with opportunities in the US. My clients in the US rely on my expertise about the countries to do joint projects with my clients/contacts in East Asia.

Are you using your EALC language, literature, cultural studies experiences in the workplace?
Yes. I do business with China and Japan, using the Japanese language and culture I learned during study abroad to make doing business easier. Contacts abroad trust me more because I have a deeper understanding of their backgrounds/traditions/expectations because of what I learned at Wellesley.

Were your study abroad and/or internships experiences relevant to your career path?
Yes. The connections, language training, and intuition I had developed from study abroad I now use to advise clients on entering the Japanese market and developing partnerships.