Cross Registration

Cross-Registration Policy: Information for Wellesley Students

Each fall and spring semester, enrolled students may register for one credit-bearing course per semester at Babson, Brandeis, MIT or Olin. Exceptions to this policy will only be made in extraordinary circumstances through petition to the Academic Review Board. 
Cross-registration is not available during Winter and Summer. 
Registration for research opportunities at MIT through the MIT Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) is not a part of this Cross-Registration Policy, see the UROP specific policy on the MIT Cross-Registration page.

Under the following circumstances a student may enroll in more than one credit-bearing course in a fall or spring semester without petition:

  • A student who is formally accepted into a certificate or dual degree program at one of Wellesley’s cross-registration partner institutions is required to enroll in more than one credit bearing course in a fall or spring semester to fulfill the minimum requirements for the program;
  • A student wishes to enroll in 6.0001 and 6.0002 at MIT (each is an independent, half-semester, half-unit course and the two are part of a sequence).

This policy does not supersede specific restrictions placed on courses offered at specific institutions which are described on the Registrar’s website:

Limits on Cross-Registration for First Year students

First-year students may not cross-register until their second semester at Wellesley.

Related Policies

Transfer Credit Guidelines: Babson, Brandeis and Olin course credit is treated as transfer credit and the transfer credit guidelines apply.

Additional Resources for Students

Students are encouraged to seek advice from faculty within their major or minor program about how research opportunities at MIT may fit into their major or minor academic program.  Class Deans are available to advise students about how cross-registration may fit into their overall academic plans. Students with questions about the UROP cross-registration process should contact the Registrar’s Office.

COVID-related protocols for Cross-Registering


Cross-Registration at MIT

If you are planning to cross-register for an MIT course in the fall 2021 semester please note MIT’s detailed instructions for Wellesley students available on the MIT Registrar’s website. MIT requires that Wellesley students follow the same COVID protocols as are required of MIT students. This will include:

  • Upload proof of vaccination: Upon registering, MIT requires Wellesley students to provide proof of COVID vaccination through the COVID Pass system (MIT’s in-house COVID monitoring system). 

  • Obtain an MIT ID for building swipe access: Wellesley students must get an MIT ID card and sign-up for an MIT computing account (Kerberos account) because they will need the ID card to swipe into buildings and they’ll need the Kerberos account to upload proof of vaccination.

  • 2 times per week COVID testing for MIT through the COVID Pass system.

Email with questions or technical issues about the COVID Pass system.

Students will still need to complete their required COVID testing at Wellesley.


Cross-Registration at Babson, Brandeis and Olin:

Wellesley students must be vaccinated to cross-register at Babson, Brandeis and Olin. However, the vaccination documentation that each student provided here at Wellesley is sufficient for cross-registration at Babson, Olin and Brandeis and does not need to be provided again as part of the cross-registration process. Unvaccinated students who wish to cross-register should contact Dean Michael Jeffries (

Cross-Registration: Information for Visiting Students

Babson, Brandeis, Olin and MIT Students: fill out this Visiting Student Registration Form, follow all instructions to print the form and gain instructor consent.  Please follow your home institutions guidelines for cross registration.

BOW Three College Collaboration (Babson-Olin-Wellesley)

Follow the link to find out more about the BOW Three College Collaboration.

Important things for students to know when cross registering at any of the three colleges (Babson-Olin-Wellesley)