Registration Information

Wellesley College offers students online registration through Workday. The class schedule for the upcoming semester is posted via the Course Browser 2-3 weeks in advance of the Initial Registration Period. The Course Catalog is available online for annual course planning.

For additional information review the Workday Student Instructions & FAQs on the MyWellesley Portal under the Student Self-Service tab and check the Academic Calendar for important dates.

Initial Registration

During Initial Registration students register on a specific day based on a Registration Appointment. As courses which have Waitlists enabled begin to fill students may waitlist for them on their registration day. Student Registration Appointment information is sent to all students ahead of each initial registration period.

Registration Changes Period

Students have an additional opportunity to add, drop, swap and waitlist during this Registration Changes Period which occurs before the start of the semester. Waitlists process during this period and seat offers go out for available seats in Waitlisted courses.

Add/Drop Period

At the beginning of each semester during the first two weeks of classes students are permitted to add new courses and switch course sections. Waitlists resume processing during this time and seat offers go out for available seats in Waitlisted courses. For an additional period of time, students may continue to use Workday to drop a course and/or change a course's Grading Basis to Credit/Non-Credit. Please check the deadlines for add, drop and Credit/Non-Credit on the Academic Calendar.

Registration Materials for Students

  • Adding, Dropping, Swapping Courses
  • Changing the Grading Basis of a Course
  • Waitlists

Additional Resources