Online Grading Instructions for Faculty

Entering grades in Workday Student

Beginning with the 2019 Summer Session II term, grades will be submitted through Workday Student.

Step by step instructions for grade submission are available to faculty through Administrivia > Especially for Faculty > Workday Grading for Faculty. Faculty needing assistance with submitting grades should email Please note that only courses that carry academic credit are available for grading. Pre-college Workshops are not graded.

Check that all students appear on the grade roster

Faculty should review class rosters before recording final grades and email the Registrar’s Office ( if there are any students attending class who are not officially registered.

Only Valid Grades Appear

Grades are selected from a drop-down menu. Only the appropriate grades based on the course's grading settings and student registration will be shown.

Grades of C- and Below and Incomplete Grades

Faculty need to complete and submit the Incomplete Grade form for each student for whom they submitted a grade of Incomplete. If a student earns a grade of C- or below faculty must submit the Grade of C- or below form. The information faculty provide is reviewed by the Class Dean and will be shared with the student. The Class Dean may also share the information with the Academic Review Board (ARB) during semester-end student academic record review. A student may petition the ARB for an incomplete grade to be excused if the circumstances involve serious illness or family emergency. A full explanation of the excused incomplete process that a student follows is available in the Student Handbook.  

Credit/ Non-Credit Grades

If a student has electively chosen the Credit/Non-Credit grading option, faculty will still submit a letter grade. The letter grade is not visible to the student and will automatically convert to CR (Credit) or NCR (Non-Credit) when the submitted grades are processed. 

Mandatory Credit/ Non-Credit Grades

If a course is required to be graded as Mandatory Credit/Non-Credit, the valid grades available are: 

  • MCRD -- Credit with distinction (mandatory)

  • MCR --  Credit (mandatory)

  • MNCR -- Non-Credit (mandatory)

  • I -- Incomplete

Grading Policy Update

In May 2019 the Academic Council rescinded the grading policy implemented in April 2004. As a result we no longer provide information about the average grade for the class during the grading process.

Student Access To End of Semester Work

Students are told that when they wish to review their end of semester work they need to contact their instructors to make mutually convenient arrangements to do so.


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