Frequently Asked Questions

When are grades due?

Refer to the Academic Calendar for due dates for students to submit coursework. The Registrar's Office will send email reminders to faculty when grades are due.

I try to access my class list and I get an error message saying that no students exist. What am I doing wrong?

Before you begin grading, be sure to make two selections:

Term: [current term]
Population: All Students, Seniors, Non-graduating students

Why don't I see all of my students on my class roster for grading? 

If your course contains more than 25 students, only the first 25 students appear on the first page. You can see and enter grades for the rest of your students by following the link at the bottom of the page: Record Sets 26-50. 

I am teaching a cross-listed course, and I don't see all of my students on my class roster for grading. Why is that?

Cross-listed courses have two class lists (one for each CRN). Remember to grade students on both class lists.

Do I have to grade independent study courses? 

Yes, don't forget to grade your students completing an independent study or thesis.

There are two 'I' grades among the list of grades. Is there a difference? 

No. The duplicate is a system issue we can't eliminate, but there is no functional difference between them. 

I'm giving a student a C- (or below) or an Incomplete (I) grade. Do I need to let someone know about this grade? 

After you have entered the student's grade online, for a student getting a C- or below there's an on-line form that takes just a minute to fill out and provides her Class Dean more specific information about her performance. For an Incomplete grade, use this form to report the work the student has yet to complete. 

How do I calculate a mean grade for my class? 

The mean grade in 100- and 200-level courses (with 10 or more students) should be no higher than 3.33. To calculate a mean grade for a specific course, add together the numerical point equivalents of each grade assigned (including any grades determined for the credit/non students) using the values below. Then divide this total by the number of course grades being assigned.

A = 4.00
A- = 3.67
B+ = 3.33
B = 3.00
B- = 2.67
C+ = 2.33
C = 2.00
C- = 1.67
D = 1.00

What if I suspect a violation of academic principle, which could potentially be a judiciary case?

If you suspect a violation of academic principle, which may or may not result in a formal charge to the Honor Code Committee, please e-mail Kristy Wilson ( with the student(s) name, ID number(s) and course information and we will enter an NG (no grade). This will give you time to determine the best course of action for the situation.

What do I do if I receive a timed-out error message?

Submit grades often! You have a 20-minute time limit once you log into the system. You will receive a confirmation message: "The changes you made were saved successfully." If you did not receive this message, go back and make sure your grades were entered successfully.

Can I change a grade?

You can make on-line changes to your grades until the grading due date. Once grades have been rolled into academic history, you can no longer make any grade changes directly. At that point in time, you will be required to submit a grade change request to be reviewed by the Academic Review Board by emailing Kristy Wilson at

How do I change an Incomplete grade?

You can convert an incomplete (I or XI) grade to a permanent incomplete (INC) or final grade by submitting the change via the Grade Changes (for Incompletes) application. You can access the app via:

MyWellesley >> Administrivia >> Especially for Faculty >> Grade Changes (for Incompletes).

If you are accessing the Grade Changes (for incompletes) from off-campus, please be advised that you are required to VPN into the Wellesley Secure Network. Directions for accessing VPN can be found here.

When can I see my SEQs?

If all faculty have turned in their grades by the deadline, grades can be rolled and you will be able to see your SEQs after we have completed our end-of-term processing. You will not be able to see your SEQs if you have any students still missing a final grade.