Resources for Faculty

Faculty have an important role at the PLTC.

One of the two objectives of the PLTC is to help faculty explore different instructional strategies. The Center supports this work primarily by connecting faculty to each other via workshops on teaching, talks related to pedagogy, and other programming aimed at exploring the best practices in teaching. We also rely on our faculty to help us nominate the most qualified student tutors and give us feedback on our programs.

Upcoming Workshops and Events 

The calendar below lists our upcoming workshops and events related to teaching.  



In addition, feel free to visit the PLTC's Google Site (Wellesley login required) for a list of past workshops and their associated resources. 

Resources for Faculty

Popular Resources

Teaching Resources

The PLTC Google Site contains a variety of external links to resources intended to support your teaching, including resources on:

  • Syllabus design 

  • Inclusive teaching

  • Best practices in teaching

  • Student development theory 

The Site also contains a repository of articles on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). 

For more information on these resources, upcoming events, and additional teaching resources, visit the PLTC Google Site: 

Link to PLTC Google Site