LTS Course Site Template

Site Creation Instructions
  1. Go to or click the Sites tab while you are in Gmail. You will see a list of Sites you have access to. 
  2. Click the red Create button on the left.
  3. Under select a template to use, click browse gallery for more. You should see a template titled “Wellesley Spring Course.” 
  4. Click on the Wellesley Spring Course template. This has been created to streamline the process of creating your Google site. 
  5. Click Select
  6. Name your Site, e.g. “ENG-120-01 SP-12” or “CHEM-120-02 FA-12
    It's important you name your site following these guidelines. As you type, the site location field automatically fills in, replacing any spaces with hyphens. This will be the web address which points to your site. Please make any changes you would like.

    Please note: this URL will not change if you later change the site name.
  7. Hit the Create button at the top of the page. You will be taken to your site.
  8. Each page of the site has instructions and suggestions for how to use it. If you would like to remove one of the default pages from your site, go to the More menu and select Delete page.
Feel free to make individual appointments or stop by the drop-in sessions for one-on-one help setting up your course sites.