Zoom Installation and Signing In

Zoom Installation and Signing in

What is Zoom Desktop Client / Zoom Mobile App?

Zoom Client is a software that is installed locally on your computer and is different from the Zoom Web Portal that you can access through your browser. Similarly Zoom Mobile App is an application for Mobile Apps. We strongly encourage you to install the client because it provides you several additional features, some of which are essential for meeting and phone management (for faculty and staff only).

You can download the Zoom software from https://zoom.us/support/download. Open the install file and follow the prompts to install. You can install the Zoom software on Macs, Windows PCs, and mobile devices.


Sign In With SSO (Single Sign-On) Before Starting/Joining

It’s important to sign in with SSO using your Wellesley College username and password through either the Zoom software or the Zoom web portal. Sign in on the device that will be used to host or join Zoom meetings. This is essential for Zoom to know who you are and provide access to features that the College has licensed for our accounts.

The simplest way to do this is to login to MyWellesley portal first and then click on the Zoom link on the top right to get to the Web portal. Once you do it, until your MyWellesley session times out, you will be recognized by Zoom and no need to reauthenticate. Logging in using SSO also ensures that when you join other meetings you will not be placed in waiting rooms.


Sign Into Zoom Desktop Client with SSO (Single Sign On)

1. Open the Zoom software on your computer.

  • On Mac, open Finder>Applications>Zoom.us.

  • On Windows, select the bottom left Windows icon, then from the applications list scroll down to the Zoom folder and open Zoom.

2. Click Sign In and then Sign In with SSO.

3. Then enter wellesley (no .edu) in the company domain field and click Continue. Note that you need to do this just the first time.

4. The Wellesley login page will open in your default browser. Proceed to sign in.

Note that if you are already logged in on the browser using MyWellesley or any other web application and the session is still active, you will not be prompted for Duo authentication.

When signed in to the Zoom software, you’ll see a window with the following tabs at the top: Home, Chat, Phone (if faculty/staff), Meetings, and Contacts.


Sign Into Zoom Mobile App

1. Open the Zoom mobile app. Select Sign In.

2. On the sign in page select Continue With SSO.

3. This will open a web browser page and take you to the usual Wellesley single sign-on screen. Proceed to sign in.



Starting or Joining A Meeting

Use the Zoom software or the Zoom web portal to start meetings that you have scheduled.

You can join a meeting by opening a Zoom link in an email or calendar event and the Zoom software will launch. But be sure you are first signed in to either the Zoom software or Zoom web portal.

For instructions on scheduling, starting or joining a meeting please visit Scheduling and Launching a Zoom Meeting and Zoom Meeting Fundamentals.