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General sites

  • Piano Technicians Guild: Resources Links for pianists, teachers, and piano owners on a broad range of topics, including buying pianos, piano makers and dealers, piano care, piano movers, magazines and periodicals, competitions, publishers, and other topics. From the Piano Technicians Guild, a membership organization for piano service professionals.
  • Piano world Information about pianos, piano lessons, tuners, dealers, teachers, and movers. Also links to piano MIDIs, concert schedules, competitions, and information on player pianos.

The piano as instrument

Repertoire guides to piano music

Music Library books on...

Printed music, online

  • Free scores free online printed music for piano, covering a wide variety of genres: classical, jazz, folk, blues, wedding music, national anthems, and others.
  • Chopin early editions over 400 first and early printed editions by Frédéric Chopin, from the University of Chicago Library.


  • Classical Pianist Links links to official and unofficial sites for classical pianists. 
  • Pianists links to sites for pianists in many genres: classical, jazz, new age, ragtime, blues, funk, contemporary, flamenco, easy listening, and etc.

Learning to play

  • Piano on the Net free online piano lessons, from a "film composer and jazz musician."
  • Jazz piano chords and scales - an interactive page on jazz scales, modes, chords, chord progressions, improvisation, and applied jazz theory in general.


For help finding recordings and scores or figuring out which online resources to use, please contact Carol Lubkowski (781-283-2076), or stop by the Music Library.