UWC at Wellesley

Davis UWC Scholars at Wellesley College


United World Colleges (UWC) make education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future


UWC is an education movement bringing students of different nationalities, ethnicities and religious backgrounds together to promote intercultural understanding and work towards creating a more peaceful and sustainable future.

Comprised of 14 international schools and colleges around the world, the transformative educational experience draws upon Kurt Hahn’s seven educational guiding principles. You can read more about the UWC mission and their values at Davis UWC Scholars Program website.

In 2000 Wellesley became a founding partner in the Davis-United World College Scholars program, which helps UWC graduates attend American colleges and universities. In those 14 years more than 200 UWC alumnae have attended Wellesley through this program.

Wellesley shares many of the same values of the UWC program: disciplined, critical thinking; a recognition and celebration of the importance of diversity—of perspectives, life experiences, socioeconomic backgrounds, and of cultural, religious, and national heritage. The two institutions also share the values of leadership, service, and making a contribution to society. 

UWC Club of Wellesley

The United World College club of Wellesley aims to spread the UWC mission to members of the Wellesley community, fostering a greater understanding of international events through different perspectives and an appreciation for diversity. Through lecture series, social gatherings and other events, we hope to encourage the spirit of idealism and communitarianism. To us, the UWC values of diversity, unity and sustainability should be the values dear to every peace-loving and progressive student and we hope to foster more thought and discussion on these issues.
UWC students went through a two year transformative experience that taught us to value peace over conflict, but always discussion over silence. We were endowed with a responsibility to care, because although most times we are unequipped to solve the problems our world faces today, our attention and student activism are important building steps to grassroots movements that cumulate in change. We hope to break through the exclusivity and welcome Wellesley students to share these values with us, and together make this world a better place.

UWC Students:  A Map of Achievement

Slater International Center has created this customized map to highlight a small group of our UWC Students and their activities, adventures, and achievements.  Each pin represents a different student and includes her name, citizenship, UWC school, and information about her recent achievements. Explore many of the unique locations where our students are from, and how they are putting their UWC/Wellesley education to use to make a difference!