New Students

Please contact our office at 781.283.2810 with any questions or concerns.

Otherwise, please refer to the information below to get started!


PROCESS OVERVIEW - health forms are due by JULY 3, 2024!!




Step 1 : Our office will pre-register you in the Mass General Brigham (MGB) system

(by mid-May 2024)

Whether or not you choose to use our clinic for your health care needs, you will be registrated in the MGB system. Health services is part of the MGB system and uses a medical record called Epic. 

Registering will assign new students with a medical record number and a blank medical chart.

Registration does not obligate you to seek care with us and there is no penalty for not doing so. It is better to have access should something come up, than to need access to our resources and not have it. Registration will also allow you to take advantage of our after-hours call services and assist us in tracking vaccine compliance. 



Step 2 : Print out the Medical Form and have it completed by your provider. Obtain copies of your Immunization Records.

MEDICAL FORM (print out) - must be completed/signed by a non-related medical provider 

You should also obtain a copy of your complete immunization record from your provider. 

Many providers will require an in-person visit to complete forms. Reach out to the office ASAP to schedule a visit as wait times can be long! 


When you call your provider, let them know you need forms filled out for College as well as your Immunization Records. Your provider may be able to complete your forms based on your last physical or they may require you to come in for an appointment in order to have the forms completed. 

If you are not due for your yearly physical until after the submission deadline, please make sure your provider still completes your form and provides you with Immunization Records for sumbmission by July 3,3024. Provider can make a note of your upcoming physical and send revised forms if needed. 

Step 3 : Activate your Patient Gateway account

The Patient Gateway is the online portal for the MGB system. It allows patients to communicate with us via messenging, request refills, book appointments, view lab results and much more. 

You will receive an email with instructions to set up an online Patient Gateway Account (late May/early June). The email will be sent to your Wellesley College email address. Do this right away! The link will expire 10 days after it is sent. 


Step 4 : Submit completed Medical Form and Immunization records electronically via the Patient Gateway. DEADLINE July 3, 2024

Instructions for Uploading Forms through the Patient Gateway

Make sure you upload:

  • Completed/signed Medical/Immunization form
  • Copy of your complete Immunization record
  • TB test results and TB Screening Form (if applicable)

DEADLINE July 3, 2024

Step 5 : Check your Patient Gateway messages for updates!

Health Services will review your forms and send you a Patient Gateway message to let you know if you have been cleared or if there are any outstanding requirements. 

Forms are reviewed on a rolling basis. It may take up to 4 weeks to review documentation, especially during high volume times- so submit forms as early as possible! 

* You will NOT recieve a green checkmark in Workday for this item. Communication directly from Health Services via Patient Gateway after reviewing paperwork will serve as documentation of completion for this item.

For students residing on-campus, Student Housing Eligibility requires that Medical documentation must be completed and student's cleared by Health Services prior to moving in. 

Supplemental Forms and Information


Please refer to this list when completing the tuberculosis screening questions on your Medical Clearance form (from ACHA Tuberculosis screening guidelines and WHO). 


You must complete this form (and upload relevant lab results) if you answered "YES" to any of the TB screening questions on your Medical Form. 

  • Waiving Routine Immunizations (excluding Meningococcal)
    • Fill out the Wellesley College Vaccine Waiver form and submit this with your Medical Clearance form through Patient Gateway. Be sure to indicate which immunizations are being waived and the reason. 

             For medical exemptions : A doctor's note supporting the request and detailing the reason for the exemption is required.                   Please also include any other relevant office notes or documentation. Requests will be reviewed by Health Services.                       Submission of waiver does not guarantee acceptance.

  • Waiving Meningococcal Vaccine
    • Fill out the Meningococcal Waiver form and submit this with your Medical Clearance Form through Patient Gateway. This form MUST be submitted in lieu of the meningococcal vaccination to meet this health requirement. Please note that the meningococcal vaccine is recommended.
    • Helpful information about the Meningococcal Vaccination

Please obtain/upload a copy of your COMPLETE immunization record (which will include both required and non-required vaccinations). 

Of note: these are required immunizations per the state of Massachusetts

COVID vaccination is strongly recommended. 


If you will be <18 at the time of your first visit to Health Services, this form must be completed/signed by a parent or guardian. 


What if I cannot submit my forms by the deadline?

Please make every possible effort to upload your Medical Clearance Form and documentation by the July 15, 2023 deadline!

If you cannot submit a complete form by the deadline due to a vaccination series being incomplete or other extreme circumstances, please note this on your form. Forms received after the deadline will be subject to a delayed review as paperwork is reviewed in the order it is recieved.


*** Housing status may be jeopardized if health forms are not received in a timely manner. Students with incomplete health information will be required to be seen at Health Services during Orientation. This mandatory visit may interfere with Orientation Programming. 

How do I know when Health Services received my forms?

We will send you a confirmation message through Patient Gateway upon receiving your paperwork.

We will send you another message once we have reviewed your forms. This message will specify whether you are cleared to come to campus or that you are due for additional vaccinations/other requirements. Please note that, during times of high volume, it may take one to two weeks for us to review your forms. 

What if I am having difficulties uploading my forms?

For technical support, please visit Patient Gateway and click on Technical Support from the Resources menu.

For other questions, please call Health Services at 781.283.2810 (M-F 8:30 - 5 pm EST)

Contact: Health Services Provided by Mass General Brigham Medical Group | 727 Washington Street Wellesley, MA 02481 | | Office : 781.283.2810 | Fax : 617.831.7234 | Patient Gateway :