1993 Pinanski Prize citation

Presentation of Awards

Julie Drucker

Julie Drucker is described by her students as “energetic, committed, personable, funny and intelligent.”  Her engaging personality and passion for teaching make her classes especially absorbing and rewarding.  She is a creative intellectual who incorporated current events and experiences in lively, well-structured class discussions.  She combines high expectation of her students, and high standards for their work with patience, accessibility, and encouragement for their efforts.

One student writes: ”Professor Drucker has given me the tools and the courage to discover, take risks, and vigorously question.”  She is “a true example of what a teacher should strive to be like at Wellesley.”

Frederic Shultz

Frederic Shultz is praised by students because he really cares that they learn calculus, not just get through the class.  He gives extra time and patience and enthusiastic encouragement for their efforts, so tat even those with “math anxiety” enjoy and become intrigued with the world of mathematics. 

Perhaps no other professor at Wellesley spends more time and energy improving his teaching methods  than Professor Shultz.  He continuously looks to his students for feedback and suggestions, asking them for criticism that might help improve his work with future classes.  One student reports that “he once videotaped himself teaching our class so he could see w hat he was doing wrong.  In my opinion, he did nothing wrong.  Maybe if you award him this prize, he’ll know it too.”

Raymond J. Starr

Raymond J. Starr truly cultivates the art of teaching.  He constantly seeks new approaches to presenting material, and new techniques to help students increase their abilities.

Some of Professor Starr’s most effective work is in the use of computers in teaching.  He has designed a program about Vergil’s Aeneid in the context of Roman history and literature; students explore Vergil’s world as they also perfect their grammar.  His establishment of the Learning and Teaching Center has allowed him to extend such innovative discoveries to help many other students and teacher in the craft of learning.