Some tidbits from CS students, past & present


thesis singing at the musical lego  robots singing buggles playing a game ninjas invade! rds project cheering

Kelsey Tempel '13 
Major(s): Computer Science
CS at Wellesley: I worked in the Wellesley College Human-Computer Interaction Lab on a variety of things, from developing software for iOS to analyzing data from usability studies. I also tutored for CS111 and CS220.
Study abroad: King's College, London - Object-Oriented Specification and Design, and Cryptography - both transfered back to Wellesley for 200 and 300 level credit respectively.
Kristian Tran '13 
Major(s): Computer Science
Study abroad: University College London
Samantha Kim '12
Major(s): Computer Science
Favorite CS experience: Feeling utterly brilliant after completing a particularly difficult program or problem.
Lucy Archer '12
Minor: Computer Science Major: Physics
Favorite CS experience: Watching as buggles and turtles did crazy things (correctly!) just because I told them how.
Sam Wu '12 
Major(s): Computer Science
Favorite CS experience: When my friend and I debugged a code that wasn't working because we put in 6 extra characters.
Consuelo Valdes '11
Major(s): Media Arts & Sciences
CS at Wellesley: Research at the Lab :-)
Cidney Hamilton DS '11
Majors(s): Computer Science
Favorite CS Experience: Writing and directing the CS Musical.
Jessica Chung '11
Major(s): Computer Science and Economics
Favorite CS experience: Roaming around the Science Center at 3am with my CS partner.
Anna Loparev '10
Major(s): Computer Science and Mathematic
Favorite CS experience: After working on a problem set for hours, realizing that I still wanted to work on it.
Monet Spells '10
Major(s): Computer Science and Political Science
Favorite CS experience: Every moment I spent in CS 304 (Databases with Web Interfaces with Scott Anderson). The course material is VERY applicable and it's nice to finish the course with a functional and cool web application with a database back-end. I consider it my favorite class at Wellesley.
Megan Strait '10
Major(s): Computer Science
Favorite CS experience: The arrival of the Microsoft Surface...It took us four days to figure out how to move it to the HCI lab, and one more to figure out how to turn it on. The irony of four CS majors unable to turn on a computer was not lost on any of us.