The Computer Science Department at Wellesley College is made up of faculty with a range of research interests and a dedication to teaching undergraduates, who also do scholarly research in a variety of areas.

Students have the opportunity to work with faculty on research projects during the academic year and over the summer, and may wish to pursue an Honors Project during their senior year. During summers, many of our students undertake computer science internships at various research programs and companies across the world.

Our Alumnae often go to top graduate schools for graduate studies, or have successful careers in the computing and other industries.

The computer science faculty, students, and alums form a friendly and collaborative community. The CS Student Lounge is a popular place for students to work in study groups or gather for relaxation. Alums in graduate school and industry return to the college to share their experiences with current students. Annual traditions such as the Cirque du CS, fall hike, the holiday cookies party, the poker party, and the student-faculty Ultimate Frisbee game foster an environment in which students and faculty get to know each other outside the classroom.