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Biological Sciences Past Events



Why Restoration Ecology Needs Hybrid Ecosystem Concept: Lessons from Hawaiian Forests with Rebecca Ostertag (University of Hawaii at Hilo)

Piecing together fossil backbones: an axial perspective on the origin of mammalian locomotion with Dr. Katrina Jones (Harvard University)

Soapberry bug polyphenism with Dr. Dave Angelini (Colby College)

Whale Ecophysiology, functional morphology with Dr. Jeremy Goldbogen (Stanford University)

Coral/cnidarian immunity with Dr. Nikki Traylor-Knowles (University of Miami)


Career Panels

Thinking Outside the Med School Box Discover biology career possibilities and meet biology major alumnae with diverse backgrounds and interest (Recorded Panel is available here)


Other Events

Cookies and Coloring with Biological Sciences

Welcome Back Biological Sciences Ice Cream Social

Biological Sciences Student and Faculty Research Night

Dessert Series (Conversation with Students and Chair on experiences in Biology)