Biology after Wellesley

Biology Career Panel

In the fall 2020, BISC department and Student Group (BC)^2 in collaboration with Career Education hosted a Career Panel to discover the many career options for Biology.  Our panelists consisted of BISC major alumnae with diverse career backgrounds and interest.

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Featured Biology Alumnae:

Susan Richards Windham-Bannister '72 Not Science As Usual

JudyAnn Bigby '73

Kwan Kew Lai '74 Volunteer, M.D.

Nancy E. Davidson '75

Camara Jones '76 Diagnosing Racism

Diana Farmer '77

Hannah Galvin '01 A Harvard Medical School Student's Reflections on Wellesley

Meagan Lizarazo '04


Where are Biology Majors?

  • "This fall I will be starting a two year master's program in Public Health at Yale. My concentration is in Social and Behavioral Sciences."
  • "I will be away on the Watson Fellowship next year - traveling to Madagascar, South Africa, China, the Ukraine, and Sweden."
  • "I will be at law school in Fall, most likely at the University of San Francisco. I am interested in studying Environmental and International Law."
  • "I will be working at MGH as a research technician for the Surgical Oncology Department. After 2 years, I plan on medical school."
  • "I will be moving to San Francisco to work as a junior policy analyst with CleanWater, an environmental group in California. Hopefully after or along with that I will be getting a masters in molecular biology or genetics and then moving on to a PhD in bioethics."
  • "I will be working at the Nohturfft lab at Harvard for a year and then applying to graduate school."
  • "I am in a 3-year master's program in biological oceanography at the University of South Florida."
  • "I will be going to pharmacy school this coming fall to pursue a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree. I haven't decided on which school, but it'll be either University of Southern California or University of California, San Francisco."
  • "I will be in a PhD program in the fall in Molecular Microbiology at Tufts Sackler Institute of Graduate Biomedical Sciences in Boston."
  • "I will be at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, pursuing a masters in Biology."
  • "I will be in a PhD program in biomedical sciences (most likely pharmacology) at the University of Connecticut Health Center."
  • "I will be doing research in a cardiology lab at Columbia University in NY. The position lasts for 2 years and I am planning to apply to medical school."
  • "I will most likely be pursuing a masters of science degree in the molecular biology of infectious diseases at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. If that falls through (financial reasons), I will attend the Yale School of Public Health to pursue a MPH in the epidemiology of microbial diseases."
  • "I will be in a MD/PhD program at Rochester University, NY."
  • "I will be working at Immunogen in Cambridge."
  • "I will be doing Teach for America for two years in New York City, teaching secondary science. Hopefully after that I will apply to med schools."
  • "I will be attending UMass Biology Grad School for the next two years at least in a masters program, with the possibility of if becoming a PhD. After that I am hoping for med school!"
  • "I'm starting grad school at Tufts University this fall. I'm going into a biology/biotechnology program there with research emphasis on Tissue Engineering. I'm pursuing a PhD."
  • "I have an internship at NIDA this summer, working in the department of behavioral neuroscience, and then I'll be going to Johns Hopkins Bloomberg school of public health in the fall to get a masters in health finance and management."
  • "I am working as a Research Assistant at Autism Research Center at University of San Diego, California and Children's Hospital of San Diego. Right now, I am planning to work there for about 2 years before I apply to medical schools to become a pediatric neurologist."
  • "I am applying for medical school entrance so I will spend this coming year working on applications and traveling around Europe and Asia."
  • "Next year I'm attending dental school at Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas."
  • "I'll be attending medical school in the fall. I haven't decided where yet, but I'm choosing between University of Rochester and BU, a very tough decision!"
  • "I will be in a PhD program in Neuroscience at Tufts University in the fall."