General Information

A Club Sport is a recognized group of students who voluntarily organize and compete at an intercollegiate level.  

Recognized Club Sports shall have use of College facilities, vehicles, health & safety services secondary to varsity sport teams; participation in said activity may allow students to earn physical education academic credit. This credit can be earn at any point during a club sport career. Club Sports and their participants will comply with the policies and procedures listed in the Club Sports Handbook and related institutional policy. Club Sports are recognized student groups within the institution, supported through a partnership between PERA and Student Life and College Government for administration, organization and funding. Club Sports are also represented on the PERA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee, a group that supports programming to build upon Wellesley's commitment to a diverse and inclusive culture.

A registered Club Sport of PERA must join a national sport association to provide stability and standards for each club when such an organization exists.  As a registered PERA Club Sport, emphasis is placed on student leadership and the most successful clubs are those with outstanding student leaders. The Club Sport Office provides encouragement, guidance and supervision but the success of the club depends on the involvement of the students.  Officer structure breeds club success!  The club will not maintain an active status without sufficient membership commitment.

PERA Club Sports are designed to accept members of any skill level and provide a welcoming environment for all.  Club Sports encouraging involvement and provide students with a sense of community on campus.  To maintain status and to provide a safe experience for students, clubs must also adhere to sound risk management and abide by all policies and procedures. 

All new clubs and student organization requests must first go through the Committee on Organization Recognition and Affairs (CORA) approval process. For full details on registering a new PERA-advised Club Sport, click here.