Nehoiden Golf Club Information for Wellesley College Students

The course will open for the season April 15, 2023.

Nehoiden Golf Club is a private, 9-hole golf course owned and operated by Wellesley College. The golf course is one of the oldest college courses in the country, with its origin dating back to 1893. The course is located adjacent to the Washington Street entrance of the college.

Nehoiden is a walking course. Motorized carts are not allowed. The course is open dawn to dusk, mid-April through late fall, weather permitting. It is closed on Mondays until noon for maintenance (Monday holidays being the exception).

Students who have basic golf skills and knowledge are welcome to play the golf course for FREE. There is also a small driving range and putting green (next to the 6th hole golf house) available to practice.

Golf Club Rules

  1. Pace of play should be no more than two hours for nine holes. If you are playing slowly, please pick up your ball and move to the next hole. Generally, you should be keeping up with the group ahead of you.

  2. If there is an open hole ahead of you, please let the group behind you play through.

  3. Please play only one ball.

  4. Please fix your ball marks on the greens, replace your divots, and rake the bunkers.

  5. Be respectful of the other golfers on the course. No yelling, use of profanity, alcohol/drugs.

  6. The PGA publishes a helpful guide for beginners. Whether you are a seasoned golfer or have just signed up for PE golf, these rules are always helpful to review.

  7. Local rules are posted on the Nehoiden Golf Club website.

How do I get to Nehoiden?

Nehoiden is a 5-minute walk from the main entrance of the college. The first tee is located at 91 Dover Road.  The best route is to take a left out of the College’s Washington Street intersection, and then take your first right onto Dover street. The entrance to the golf course is about a half-mile down the road.

How do I reserve a tee time?

Each current student needs an account in our Chronogolf database system. This will allow the student the ability to make their own tee time at Nehoiden. Tee times can be reserved 2 days in advance.

Setting up a Chronogolf account: Please email and identify yourself as a Wellesley College student - providing name, email address, phone number and year of graduation and a photo of your student ID; please allow 24-48 hours to process your request. You will then receive an activation email from Chronogolf.  Once your account is activated, you may begin making tee times. Greens fees for students are free, but guests will be charged the current Nehoiden Guest Fees. We ask each student to add a credit card to their Chronogolf account for any guest fees incurred (see instructions on adding a credit card here.) To reserve a tee time, please follow these instructions, Booking a Tee Time.

Where do I check-in for golf or to use the range?

Golf etiquette states that you should arrive 10 minutes before your tee time. Check-in at the starter shed next to the first tee (91 Dover St., across from Ingraham Road). Bring your student ID with you.

Can I rent clubs?

Nehoiden has a limited number of rental clubs available for students. There is no charge for the clubs.  Please let the starter know that you need to borrow clubs. Clubs need to be returned to the starter at the end of your round.

Can I just use the range or practice green?

Yes, you can hit balls at the range or putt at the practice green. You may want to check the Course Calendar for any events that are happening on the course that may affect the availability of the practice areas. Check in with the starter at the starter shed on the 1st tee and they will provide tokens for the ball machine at the driving range. Please note that the driving range is limited to 165 yards. Do not try to drive balls into the creek, as that makes ball retrieval difficult for our staff.

What is the dress code for the golf course?

Sporty, casual clothes and tennis shoes or rubber sole shoes are the best. No flip-flops, shoes with heels or torn clothing.

What times can I use the course?

All available tee times can be viewed and booked through Chronogolf. You may want to check the Course Calendar for any events that are happening on the course that may affect play. We recommend that all of our members check Twitter and Facebook for weather and maintenance updates.