Engineering Opportunities

Within the context of a Wellesley liberal arts education, there are a number of options available to students who are interested in engineering. All students interested in engineering should explore We-Lab, Wellesley's own engineering teaching laboratory, and consider taking one of Wellesley's engineering classes. However, Wellesley's liberal arts education does not include engineering as a major or minor.

Beyond taking engineering courses taught at Wellesley, there are many options available to the student interested in studying engineering within the liberal arts context. Each program is distinct in its characteristics and provides different benefits as well as limitations for students, and the applicability is dependent on a student's individual academic interests and needs. Interested students should explore each of these options carefully.

Cross-Registration with MIT or Olin
The Olin Certificate Program
The Double-Degree Program with Olin
The Double-Degree Program with MIT
The Bernard M. Gordon MIT Engineering Leadership Program

Students interested in studying engineering at Wellesley within the liberal arts context should:

  • carefully review the entirety of this website including this FAQ
  • join the Wellesley Engineering Society, which includes a mailing list where information sessions and other engineering opportunities are posted
  • consider attending an information session when offered. Wellesley students can click here to view a Zoom recording of the most recent Engineering Information Session (10/5/23) (slides) (must log in using Wellesley SSO). 
  • consider taking one of Wellesley's engineering courses
  • take appropriate math and science courses each semester (at Wellesley and also MIT and/or Olin)

For further information, after the entirety of this website is reviewed, contact Director of Engineering Studies and Lecturer Amy Banzaert at Wellesley,

Cross-Registration with MIT or Olin

Wellelsey's exchange program permits cross registration throughout a student's time at Wellesley after the first semester. Student can craft a coherent package of engineering courses at MIT or Olin to complement their Wellesley degree.  The registrar's office provides information on the guidelines for and process of cross-registration at MIT and cross-registration at Olin. Any Wellesley College student may pursue these opportunities, which provide significant flexibility in terms of academic focus and scheduling. Note students can only cross register for one course per semester.

The Olin Certificate Program and The Double-Degree Program with Olin

The certificate in engineering studies at Olin College provides more structure than a program devised through cross-registration alone. Student who complete the program will earn a Wellesley College liberal arts degree and a Certificate in Engineering Studies from Olin College after four years of study. The focus of the certificate program can be of a student's choosing, provided that the set of courses meets some criteria of coherence and depth. The program offers flexibility to students in terms of scheduling, course selection, and academic content. It is open to all students. For an application please contact the

The Olin-Wellesley Double-Degree Program enables a Wellesley student to obtain a second bachelor's degree from Olin College through a fifth year of study at Olin. Students apply to the program during the fall of their junior year; admission is selective. Students enrolled in the double-degree program begin their engineering study at Olin while they are enrolled at Wellesley; by the time they complete their Wellesley liberal arts degrees, double-degree students have typically completed all of the Olin math and science prerequisites as well as at least five engineering courses towards their Olin degree. In their fifth year, double-degree students enroll at Olin College and spend both semesters in residence there, completing requirements as well as the senior capstone project.

The application for Wellesley support for the double degree program with Olin can be found here and is due by November 1 of the student's junior year:

For detailed information about these opportunities, follow these steps:

  • go to
  • click on the current academic year's catalog (e.g. 2017-18 Catalog) ... it should be the first link
  • click on Programs of Study
  • click the links for the program(s) you're interested in: 4+1 Bachelor of Science Degree with Wellesley College (aka Double Degree) or For Babson, Brandeis and Wellesley Students: Engineering Certificate Program


The Double-Degree Program with MIT

The MIT-Wellesley double-degree program enables a Wellesley student who is accepted to the program to earn a B.A. degree from Wellesley and an S.B. degree from MIT over the course of five years. A double-degree candidate must fulfill the requirements for a major at both institutions. Students apply for Wellesley support to the program in January of their sophomore year and apply to MIT for the spring transfer deadline. Of the different options available to students interested in engineering, this requires the most commitment and affords the least flexibility in terms of scheduling and course selection. It is also the most selective option and is viable for very few students.

If you are interested in this opportunity, in addition to clicking the above link and reviewing this FAQ, Wellelsey students should review this MIT double-degree-focused info session


The Bernard M. Gordon MIT Engineering Leadership Program

The Bernard M. Gordon MIT Engineering Leadership (GEL) Program prepares students to be future leaders of engineering innovation, invention, and implementation efforts.  A student who completes the program will receive a Wellesley College liberal arts degree and a certificate of completion of the GEL program from MIT.  The program offers 1- and 2-year tracks and consists of coursework during the junior and/or senior years.  Students apply directly the MIT GEL program during the spring of the sophomore or junior year.