For Juniors

Students presenting at Ruhlman Conference

Navigating Junior Year - Class Deans Resources

There's lots happening in your Junior year! Continue to meet with your Class Dean who will support you in your student success at Wellesley.

Use the PLTC for additional support. They offer assistance with time management, as well as a variety of tutoring programs including:

  • Cafe's (group tutoring for multiple courses within a discipline),
  • Attached Tutoring (tutor office hours for a specific course and section),
  • Supplemental Instruction (group tutoring for a specific course and section) and
  • Assigned (Individual) tutoring.


You are not on this journey alone, in life or at Wellesley.  Your class dean will be there for you every step of the way to make sure that you have the individual attention & support you need to realize your goals.

Nayanika Das, Class of 2021