Accessibility and Disability Resources

Accessibility and Disability Resources

Wellesley is committed to providing students who have disabilities the access and support they need to achieve their academic potential and to participate fully in Wellesley’s activities.

The Office of Accessibility and Disability Resources works with the entire campus community: from applicants and prospective students to lifelong staff members, faculty, alumnae, and visitors for special events. Do not hesitate to contact the office!

Each student is viewed as an individual with a unique set of strengths and abilities. Accessibility and Disability Resources (ADR) professionals are available to provide individualized assistance and information to students with disabilities, temporary or permanent. The ADR staff are the first contact point for students with physical disabilities, learning disabilities, and attention disorders.

Students with disabilities are encouraged to explore services and resources confidentially and in person.

What services does ADR offer?

ADR works with qualified students with disabilities at Wellesley College, who are entitled to receive reasonable and appropriate accommodations, auxiliary aids, and services that provide equal educational opportunities and facilitate meaningful access. Accommodations offered by ADR include but are not limited to:

  • Testing accommodations

  • Classroom accommodations

  • Notetaking Services
  • Housing accommodations

  • Dietary accommodations
  • On-campus transportation

  • Communication resources (ASL, CART, etc.)
  • Assistive technology

ADR does not provide any of the following services:

  • PCA's

  • Off-campus transportation

  • Tutoring

Who is eligible to receive accommodations?
ADR provides access services to students who have documented disabilities that are temporary or long-term. Relevant and current documentation from a qualified professional is required to establish a non-obvious disability and disability-related need for academic accommodations. Students requesting adjustments, modifications, or services related to a disability should register with the ADR to determine eligibility.
How do I register with ADR?

1. Complete the online application using our online portal, AIM

2. Upload documentation, in accordance with our documentation guidelines

3. Meet with an ADR advisor to discuss your needs

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