Group Tutoring Schedule

Academic Support Schedules


Start Dates and Breaks


Please note that coaches, tutors, and SI Leaders are currently in the process of planning and publishing their availability to TracCloud. In the meantime, if you have questions about tutoring availability for your course, please reach out to

Spring 2024



Start Date

Academic Success Coaching

On or after Monday, 1/22/2024

Public Speaking Tutoring 

On or after Monday, 01/22/2024 

NoteDepending on tutor availability and faculty preference.

Supplemental Instruction

On or after Monday, 1/22/2024

Embedded Tutoring

On or after Monday, 1/22/2024


Café, &

Individual Tutoring 

On or after Sunday, 1/28/2024 *

  * Pending that each tutor has completed the College-required hiring and onboarding processes. 

The last day of official tutoring is the last day of classes (5/1/2024).

In most instances, tutoring and SI will not occur during holidays or breaks, unless otherwise specified. 

On discretionary days (those just before or after a holiday or College event), please be sure to search TracCloud (see below) to see which of your courses will have tutoring available! 


Finding Available Resources


You can view all academic support schedules (including Academic Success Coach Motivation Stations, Tutoring and SI schedules, and Public Speaking tutor availability) by logging in to TracCloud. Each Wellesley student has a TracCloud account that can be accessed with the same credentials used for Wellesley Google accounts and the myWellesley portal. 


Searching TracCloud for Services 


Once you’ve logged in, you’ll find a white box on your dashboard labeled “Schedule an Appointment.”  

Depending on whether you’re looking to work with a peer educator on course-related content or to meet with a coach/public speaking tutor, you’ll either pick

  • “Schedule an appointment for help in” and select the course you’re looking for extra practice in.


  • “Schedule an appointment for other services:” and select “ASC…” or "Tutoring Public Speaking" from the drop down menu. A small pop-up box will ask you to confirm your selection. Click “Okay.”

Once you’ve selected the appropriate resource from the relevant drop down menu, you’ll hit the “Search” button to view available tutors or coaches. The ellipsis on the upper-right-hand corner of the results screen will enable you to sort the list of available services by the following criteria:

  • Days of the week​
  • Online vs. In-Person offerings
  • Whether availability is a group or one-on-one event 
  • Whether the event requires advance sign-up/booking or you can drop-in during the time period specified.