Choosing the Right Resource

Choosing the Right Resource

The PLTC supports 29+ different departments and over 225 courses. All academic support programs are peer-led and peer facilitated with extensive training conducted by the PLTC.  There are no “out-of-pocket” costs to Wellesley students who participate in PLTC programs.


We offer many types of resources to meet students' needs. Learn more about them below. 


The following types of subject tutoring are currently offered: 


  • Café Tutoring – Set hours in which one or more tutors are available to help with material from any course within the discipline. These are drop-in style hours.


  • Attached Tutoring – Regularly scheduled tutor office hours in support of a specific course and/or section. No appointment is necessary. 


  • Embedded Tutoring – In-class assistance tied to a specific course/section/professor with additional scheduled office hours outside of class.  


  • Individual Tutoring –  Unlike other types of tutoring, one-on-one, individual meetings have limited availability (3 hours of tutoring per course per semester).

Individual tutoring availability for your course may be checked by signing into your TracCloud account


Academic Success Coaches (ASCs)

ASCs are accountability partners trained to assist their peers in a number of areas necessary for student success. Some of these areas of focus include registration, time management, and study skills. ASCs are also great at knowing what resources are available on campus and how to access them.


For more information, see our Academic Success Coach webpage.


Public Speaking Tutors

Public Speaking Tutors are available to meet with students both one-on-one and in groups in order to offer support for those who will be giving presentations, speaking at conferences, or looking to improve their vocal presence.  


Get more information about public speaking here


Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leaders


Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leaders are students who work in support of selected courses. Once they have successfully taken the course and are nominated by their professors and trained by the PLTC, the SI Leader attends class lectures and offers two weekly study sessions that delve further into topics recently discussed during class period. 

SI is open to all students enrolled who want to achieve better understanding of the material and carve out time for extra practice and questions.



For more information, see our Supplemental Instruction page.



Other related resources available on campus


  • One-on-One meetings with the PLTC Director of Programs

Roberta Schotka meets with students on a short or long-term basis to help them develop high impact study techniques such as time management, effective reading and effective note taking.

To make an appointment, reach out directly via email (see our contact information here).


  • Writing Tutors (Under purview of the Writing Program)


Writing Tutors offer an invaluable opportunity to assist in several different stages of the writing process. More information can be found and appointments booked on the Writing Program website.


  • Accessibility and Disability Resources (ADR)


Students who have or suspect they may have disabilities that are impacting their studies or life on campus should reach out to the Accessibility and Disability Resources office for guidance. You can find more information about ADR and what this office does here.