Home Base Mentoring Program

Welcome to the Home Base Mentoring Program.  For AY 22-23, this program provides philosophy writing support to students currently enrolled in 100-level classes, 221, and 201. Students enrolled in those classes will have a mandatory meeting with a mentor for one of their class writing assignments during the semester; your professor will let you know which assignment will require the meeting. For this mandatory meeting, you will be asked to share a draft of the assignment with the mentor 24 hours before your meeting.  Mentors will be available in the week leading up to your deadline; a sign up for appointments will circulate closer to the date.

Students in 100-level classes, 221, and 201 are also welcome to connect with the mentors for writing support outside of their mandatory meetings. Please send them an email to arrange a time.

All mentors are Seniors and Philosophy Majors or Minors.

The Home Base mentors for AY 22-23 are:

Roxie Miles (rm3@wellesley.edu)

Olivia Xu (yx2@wellesley.edu)

Sophia Angus (sa5@wellesley.edu)


They will also hold three writing workshops throughout the term that all students enrolled in any philosophy class are warmly invited and highly encouraged to attend.