President Johnson shaking hands with a new inductee

In selecting new members, Wellesley's chapter strongly values evidence of creativity, intellectual curiosity, and cross-disciplinary interests. GPA is only one factor considered. There is no application or nomination process: we automatically review academic records every year.

We look closely at the range of courses a student has taken across all three areas of the curriculum: humanities (courses fulfilling distribution in the LL and ARS categories), social sciences (courses fulfilling distribution in the SBA, EC, REP, and HS categories), and natural sciences and mathematics (courses fulfilling distribution in the NPS and MM categories). We prioritize candidates with substantial coursework in the humanities, social sciences and sciences, or in at least two of these areas. We also prioritize candidates who have taken a broad range of courses for letter grades rather than credit/no credit. We are aware of the Spring 2020 COVID-19 grading policy and will be factoring it into our selection process.

Students with reportable honor code violations are ineligible for election.


updated May 22, 2023