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For Family of Study Abroad Students

Each year, about 45% of Wellesley's junior class studies abroad for a semester or full year. Studying abroad provides students with a uniquely challenging and rewarding opportunity for personal, academic, and career growth in an increasingly globalized world. While this opportunity certainly encourages (and often demands) students' independece and self-empowerment, there are a few things parents can keep in mind as your child prepares to go abroad.


  • Students typically begin planning for their studies abroad during the fall of their sophomore year. During this time, they should consider their academic, personal, and/or professional goals for their semester or year abroad, and research programs that align with these goals.
  • Students should look at our "Getting Started" page for information on planning, eligibility, program selection, and application timelines.
  • Study abroad at Wellesley is affordable. Wellesley has a home school fee policy, whereby students pay regular tuition for study abroad. Financial aid applies for all approved programs so that a semester abroad costs about the same as a semester on campus.
  • As students plan for their time abroad, they should look at our "Affording Study Abroad" page, check out financial information in the Study Abroad Handbook, speak with Student Financial Services, and research and apply for scholarships.
Health and Safety Abroad
  • Detailed information regarding medical insurance, health concerns, the Wellesley College Assistance Abroad Program, and safety precautions can be found within our Study Abroad Handbook.
  • Students and parents can also find emergency contact info and further health and safety resources on the OIS Website.
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