Class of 2019: Four Years in Review

May 30, 2019

Just one day before the yellow class of 2019 celebrates its graduation at Wellesley’s 141st commencement, check out few highlights from their four years on campus.

A group of students wearing yellow shirts sit outside

My, how quickly four years have flown by! Do you recognize anyone in this photo, taken at Orientation 2015?

A group of students pose with a prize found during their orientation. A student takes their photo

Class of 2019, your official color says it all—you really are “brighter together.” (Remember? That was the theme of your orientation!) Here, Kanika Vaish ’17, a first-year mentor, leads a group of your classmates around campus, searching for strategically placed giant light bulbs. They found their prize in front of Schneider and Billings.

Students pose for a photo outside of the chapel.

Four years, four Flower Sundays. This beautiful day in 2016 was the perfect way to celebrate spring and the close of the class of 2019’s first year at Wellesley.

Students hold a yellow banner reading 2019 and sing from song books.

No photo collage is complete without Stepsinging! Tomorrow, class of 2019, you will officially be a part of the most powerful women’s network in the world, so wear your class color and sing proudly. You have accomplished so much! (Photo: Wellesley College Alumnae Association)