Newhouse Center faculty and fellows

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We are a community of faculty, scholars, staff, and students devoted to engagement in the humanities.

Faculty Fellows

The Suzy Newhouse Center faculty fellows consists of Wellesley faculty on sabbatical and summer fellows. View previous fellows.

2023-2024 Fellows

  • Kaysha Corinealdi
  • Josh Lambert
  • Michelle C. Lee
  • Eng-Beng Lim
  • PRR
    Petra R. Rivera-Rideau
  • LaToya Sawyer
  • Franziska Seraphim


2023 Summer Fellows

  • Anne Brubaker
  • Emily Harrison
  • Phyllis McGibbon
  • Vernon Shetley

Thanks to the generosity of Mary L. Cornille and Jack Cogan, Wellesley College is able to appoint each year the Mary L. Cornille Distinguished Visiting Professor in the Humanities. Cornille Professors are in residence for either a semester or a year. During this time, they contribute to the intellectual life of Wellesley College faculty with special attention to the intellectual growth of our undergraduates.

The Cornille Professorship is administered jointly by the Office of the Provost and by the Suzy Newhouse Center for the Humanities, with which the Cornille Professor is automatically affiliated.

  • Ivan Kurilla

  • Irene Mata
  • Julie Walsh
  • Lauren Cote
Advisory Board

Student Engagement

Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellows

  • Kay Bobb
  • Maria Chi-Chable
  • Charnell Jones
  • Bella Perreira
  • TylerBell Smith
  • Jade Aliyana Young


Student Ambassadors 

  • Ada Eke
  • Alexa Fronczek-Lewis