image of Ken Botnick looking at the camera, standing in front of an outdoor fountain

The Cornille Lecture: The Book as Lens: Making Books as a Mode of Inquiry
A Presentation by Ken Botnick

2/27/2020 4:30–6 PM
Newhouse Center for the Humanities
Free and open to the public

Cornille Professor Ken Botnick explores the material authorship of the artist book, achieved through the combination of concept, design, material, and production.

The artist book is to the world of books as poetry is to the world of writing: Its grammar and syntax are a unique expression of the voice of the maker. The artist book combines visual, textual, material, and production qualities in a product of the mind and the hand. This talk will consider the artist book as a sequential framing device in which the author poses questions and conducts investigations carried out on the landscape of the page.