Mail Services

Wellesley College Mail Services

For information specific to student mailings, please visit our Students & Parents page. For information specific to faculty and staff mailings, visit our Faculty & Staff page.

What services are provided by Wellesley College Mail Services?

  • Provides campus and U.S. mail delivery for the Wellesley College Community.
  • Processes outgoing U.S. mail for academic and administrative departments.
  • Forward faculty mail over the summer months.
  • Process outgoing International mail for College departments through our remailer.
  • Maintain all College mailing permits and processes charges to departments.
  • Maintain records of all mailing cost for departments and send monthly report to the Controller’s Office.

Campus Mail Policy

What can be mailed through campus mail?

  • Mail from Wellesley College academic and administrative departments.
  • Mailings that has been approved by the Wellesley College administration.

What cannot be mailed through campus mail?

  • Advertisements from outside vendors.
  • Campus mail cannot be used for any for profit sales related to college activities.
  • Unmarked flyers from on or off campus organizations.
  • Items smaller than 3.5” X 5” (this is the minimum size accepted by USPS.)

Campus Mail provides a service to the entire community; please help us by using campus mail properly. Sealed campus notices must have a return address or it should appear in the context of unsealed notices so that mail can be returned to sender.