Installing Stata 17

Where to find this software at Wellesley

The KeyServered version of Stata/BE is standard course software in the campus computing labs. It may also be installed on faculty, staff and student computers for academic course-related work and for research (not allowed for administrative use).

Please submit any requests for administrative use of the software or a need for large data sets (Stata/SE) to

These instructions are for version 17, the same version installed on our classroom and computing lab computers. 

Before you install Stata/BE

1. Do you have an earlier version of Stata installed on your computer? If you do, you may need to uninstall it before installing this version.

Try installing version 17 as described below. If you decide later you do need to remove an older version and you need help uninstalling it using standard software removal steps, please contact the Help Desk.

2. Check System Requirements

Stata's web site

3. KeyAccess

Make sure you have KeyAccess installed. Stata is a KeyServered software, and KeyAccess is your "key" to using any KeyServered applications on our network.

If you do not have KeyAccess installed, or are not sure if you do, please follow these instructions to install / update / re-install it.

Install Stata/BE 17

  1. If your computer is off campus, use the VPN to connect to the campus network
    KeyAccess and access to the Academicstore > Software server require a connection to the Wellesley network. On campus, that means connecting to the Wellesley Secure WiFi; off campus, that means being connected to using Cisco AnyConnect.
  2. Follow the instructions above to be sure KeyAccess is set up and your computer meets the system requirements
  3. Copy the installer and license information:
    1. Go to the software share on the academicstore server
      • Windows: click  windows icon Start, copy and paste  \\\software   and press Enter
      • MacOS: in Finder, Go menu, Connect to Server..., copy and paste smb://   and press Enter
      • If prompted for credentials, log in using your Wellesley username and password (Note: if you have trouble with this, try wellesley\username instead of just your username)

        Trouble connecting to the software share on academicstore? TIPS if you have trouble accessing the installer

    2. Open the facstaffstudents folder, then the Stata folder, then the 17 folder
    3. Drag the appropriate folder (named Windows or Mac) to your computer's desktop
    4. Wait . . .  The installer is large and may take some time to finish copying.
  4. Once you're sure the installer has finished copying, close the window showing it on academicstore and double-click on the installer in the Windows or Mac folder on your computer's desktop
  5. Click through the installer as you would with any other, taking special note of these:
    • if prompted to log in, use the same username and password you use to log in to your computer, or whatever credentials have administrative rights on your computer
    • if asked which flavor of Stata you want to install, choose BE
      (the licensing steps that follow only work for BE)
  6. After the installation is complete, run Stata as you would any other piece of software (Windows start menu, Mac Applications folder or Spotlight)
  7. When prompted for a license, copy and paste the appropriate information from the Stata license text file (stata17license.txt) that is in the same folder as the installer, on your desktop
  8. You may be prompted with options for automatic updating; please choose Do not allow automatic updates.
    If you allow Stata to automatically update, the Key license may break and you may be unable to use Stata; if this happens to you, you can re-install Stata from this page. If updates are required, please contact for assistance.
  9. Delete the installer from your desktop.
  10. Please remember to Quit Stata whenever you are not using it.

Troubleshooting installation

If you have problems installing Stata, please review the instructions above carefully.
Did you get the license information?
Did you install KeyAccess?
Are you off campus, in which case, are you on using Cisco AnyConnect?
Are you on campus, in which case, is your computer on Wellesley Secure WiFi?
Using Windows 11?

You may also find helpful information at Stata's web site, including information about removing previous versions of Stata.

Using Stata

See our Stata libguide for helpful tips and resources for using Stata.