Installing Sibelius Ultimate

Where to find this software at Wellesley

Sibelius may be installed on student, faculty, and staff computers that are connected to the Wellesley College network. It is also available on classroom and computing lab computers. This application is controlled by a license manager and can only be used with an active connection to the Wellesley College Network (via VPN if off campus).

System Requirements

System requirements for various versions of Sibelius can be found on Avid's web site. We use Sibelius 8 (legacy version) as well as Sibelius Ultimate.

Install Sibelius

  1. Make sure your computer is on the Wellesley network:
    use VPN if off campus, Wellesley Secure if on campus with Wi-Fi
  2. Copy the appropriate installer to your computer's desktop:
    1. Windows:
      1. Next to the  Windows 10 Start Icon Start Windows button, click where it says Type here to search
      2. Type (or copy/paste) \\\software
      3. Press Enter
    2. Mac:
      1. Open the Finder
      2. In the menus to the right of the Apple in the top left corner, select Go
      3. Select Connect to Server...
      4. Type (or copy/paste) smb://
    3. If prompted to log in, use wellesley\ in front of your Wellesley username, and use your regular Wellesley password
    4. Once connected, open the facstaffstudents and then the Sibelius folder
    5. Open the folder for the version you will install (for example, 2020.12)
    6. Copy the Windows or Mac folder to your computer's desktop
    7. Wait until the copy is completed; the installer is large and may take several minutes
  3. Run the installer: open the Mac or Windows folder you just copied to your computer's desktop and double-click: Install Sibelius
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen:
  • If prompted with a security warning, click Run (or whatever it's asking for to continue the installation)
  • If asked whether you want the program to make changes to your computer, click Yes (or whatever it's asking for to continue the installation)
  • Click through the default settings (unless you see something you know you want to change)
  • Please be patient while your software is being installed. This could take up to 10 minutes
  • When installation is complete, check the box to Launch Sibelius, then click Finish
  1. You may need to look for the Welcome to Sibelius from Avid window, as it may be hiding behind other windows on your screen.
  2. Check your computer's volume, as Sibelius will play a loud melody when it launches.
  3. Click on Specify License Server and when asked for server details, type or copy/paste (as in License Manager #6)
    (Note: must be on the campus network for your computer to find the server; if still not found, try using wellesley.local instead of
  4. Sibelius plays a loud melody when successfully launched.
  5. After installing and making sure Sibelius runs, quit Sibelius, drag the installer to the Trash/Recycle Bin, and close all open windows


Note: the older version, Sibelius 8 for Windows or Sibelius 8 for Mac is also available