Installing ChemDraw (latest version)

ChemDraw is available for faculty, staff and students to install on their computers. 

  1. Set up an account on the vendor site: Register on the FlexNet site
  2. Log in to the vendor's FlexNet site using the account you set up above, using your Wellesley email address and whatever password you set up.
  3. After you've logged in, click on the link for the latest version of ChemDraw.
  4. Find the appropriate installer for your computer (Windows or Mac):
    1. copy the "activation code" listed next to the installer file 
    2. click on the installer in the File Name column to the right.
  5. Click Download if prompted.
  6. Once you have successfully downloaded it, locate it and double-click on the installer, and allow the installer to make changes to your device, if asked.
  7. Click Install Software if you have that option.
  8. When asked for your information, enter your name, your Wellesley email address and your activation code.
    1. (If you didn't copy the activation code in step 4 above) To find your activation code, go back to the web site where you are logged in
      1. Click on the Order History tab on the left
      2. Click on your order, and copy the code
      3. Paste the code in the installer window and click Activate
  9. Click Agree for the license agreement if prompted.
  10. Follow the instructions on screen: on a Mac, drag ChemDraw to your computer's Applications folder, and, if appropriate for your work, drag CDQuickLook as instructed on the screen.
  11. After the copying / installing completes, ChemDraw is now available in your applications and can be launched the same as any other software installed on your computer. Run it to ensure it is working properly.
  12. After ensuring the ChemDraw is working, make sure the installer is not open (eject it on a Mac), and drag it to the trash / recycle bin.

As stated in the Welcome email, you can get help from the vendor if you have problems with their site:

"For download problems or questions, contact PerkinElmer Download Center Support at or call 1-888-715-4687 (within the US)."

If you just need help following these directions, you may want to contact our Computing Help Desk to have someone walk through it with you.