Site license for ArcGIS software

Where to find this software at Wellesley

ArcGIS is installed on Windows computing lab and classroom computers and is controlled by a FlexLM license manager, which requires a network connection. It can be installed by faculty, staff and students on their own computers provided their intended use of the software fits within the guidelines of the next section.

What can (and can't) the software be used for?

  • core software (ArcInfo, ArcMap) an be used for coursework, research and administrative purposes
  • some extensions are limited to academic course-related work only and may not be used for research / administrative purposes; please see the complete list and contact us if you have questions
  • NONE of the software can be used for commercial / profit-generating activities
  • It can NOT be used out of the USA without the vendor's express written consent

Installing ESRI ArcInfo / ArcMap

  1. Make sure you are on campus, using the Wellesley Secure wifi network (or a college-owned computer on a wired connection)
    If off campus, use the VPN and bring patience with you for this very large installer to download and install.
  2. Make sure the work you will be doing is in the "can" usage list in the previous section, just above
  3. Check the System Requirements to make sure your computer can run ArcGIS 10.8 (over time you may need to select a previous version to see the requirements for 10.8)
  4. Click on the click  Windows 10 Start Icon Start Windows button
  5. Type Run, then press Enter
  6. In the Run window, type \\\software
  7. When prompted to log in, use wellesley\ in front of your Wellesley username, and use your regular Wellesley password
  8. Once connected, open the facstaffstudents and then the ArcGIS folder
    (TIPS if you have trouble accessing the installer)
  9. Copy the 10.8 folder to your desktop
  10. Wait for the installer to download or copy to your computer. Maybe get a cup of coffee. It's huge....
  11. Once the installer has completed downloading/copying, double-click on the 10.8 folder, then on the setup.exe installer
  12. Click through it as with any other installer, except:
    • Select ArcInfo (Concurrent Use) as the product
    • Define a License Manager now as 27004@LM-arcgis 
      (If you get an error message, try instead.)
    • In the next screen, click OK


What if I have a Mac?

Mac users can use a Windows PC in one of the many computing labs, set up dual boot on the Mac, or use open source GIS software such as QGIS

Getting Started

See the comprehensive guide.