Student Questions

Where can I print in color?

We have a color printer in Clapp. See our PaperCut documentation for details.

Course reserve books being discontinued after this year?

  • The shorter answer is no -- questions like these can be answered at any library service desk.
  • There is no planned change to offering course reserve books (library-owned materials that we relocate and change the loan period to 3 hours).
  • There is no planned change to offering course support shelves (faculty-owned books that we provide a shelf for in-library use only). These may include textbooks, which the library does not collect. Faculty choose to put their own copies on the shelves so the students do not have to purchase their own. They are the most frequently stolen materials in the library, and faculty have to decide whether they want to purchase another copy. (Students are expected to purchase their own textbooks, financial aid packages include this cost to the student in their financial aid package.) 

Pendleton Well Stapler?

We do not have staff available in PNE to maintain staplers -- people walk off with them (ask Milton from Office Space), they become jammed, they require staple refills.

Office Space

p.s. If you haven't, you need to watch Office Space.

Add one of the new more reliable printers to the Lulu?

We are evaluating our ability to maintain a printer in an unstaffed location. Part of the issue with having the printer in the Lulu was not only that it was breaking down - it was that we had no one available in or near the space to report and resolve problems when they occurred so the printer remained broken for a long period of time each time something happened. We are currently evaluating whether we are able to successfully maintain the printer in PNE without regular maintenance checks. If we are able to do this successfully, and we are confident we can provide a reliable printing experience in the Lulu, we can talk about relocating one of the printers from either Clapp or SCI to the Lulu. We'll make a decision later this Fall.

Chromebooks/ChromeBoxes + Microsoft Office?

  • We loan Chromebooks and Mac/PC laptops, but long-term loans are on Chromebooks only due to cost/maintenance. Mac/PC laptops are lent to students who need specific software that will not run on a Chromebook. We are currently circulating about 65 Chromebooks.
  • As far as Chromeboxes, Knapp and the Science Library classroom have Macs and PCs as well. We do not have Chromeboxes in PNE, or JAC libraries.
  • For questions about using using Chromebooks or ChromeBoxes, visit the library service desks -- we are happy to help you do what you need to do. If you prefer to work in Microsoft Office, we are happy to help you set up your Office 365 account. (Instructions are also posted next to the ChromeBoxes in Clapp and SCI.) Once you set these up, they appear on every ChromeBox you log into
  • A reminder that you can print from your own computer or iOS device and the job will be saved for 12 hours in the queue. 

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Pay students more to work the midnight - 2am shift at Clapp?

While we would love to offer expanded hours to the students, we simply do not have a reliable workforce willing to work from midnight to 2am. Although we had a handful of well-intentioned student workers willing to take on these hours early in the semester, staffing became untenable as the semester continued. To cover, our student managers were either getting called out of bed to cover shifts or we were having to shut the library down "early"; our staff supervisor was getting calls on many nights having to deal with building security and staffing problems. Our budget does not allow for increasing wages, and it is also reasonable not to ask students to sacrifice quality of life to staff these hours.

Generic Gmail accounts for student orgs?

Using a generic Gmail account vs. a Google group for student orgs has come up before. We asked for the agreement that all student orgs would use a generic Gmail account -- what we can't do is use a Google group one year, then switch to a generic Gmail account, then back again based on members' preferences that year. We do know that some people prefer to use a Google group because of the ease of adding members, and managing email in individuals' inboxes through filters. With a generic Gmail account, someone needs to take responsibility for primary ownership of the account, and delegating access to others. We are happy to revisit this if there is consensus on a solution.

How do you staple with the new printers?

You use one of the staplers available at the library service desks. The printers do not staple.