Qualtrics online survey software


Wellesley College has a site license for Qualtrics, a cloud-based survey suite.

All current Wellesley College faculty, students, and staff can create their own accounts at Wellesley's Qualtrics server. To create your Qualtrics, you need only enter your Wellesley College email address. You do not need to enter any access code. Your Qualtrics user name should be your 8 character username followed by @wellesley.edu, e.g., kleebate@wellesley.edu

Once you've replied to the verification email on your new account, you can use Qualtrics at wellesley.qualtrics.com

If you have a problem logging in, it's usually caused by accidentally siging up for a free demo account at qualtrics.com

Among the key features of Qualtrics are
  • Collaboration - allow other users to view, edit, distribute, or analyze your survey
  • Question types: multiple choice, matrix table; Likert scale; text entry; slider rank order; drill down; etc.;
  • Distribution Methods - survey link; email with unique link; email history; reminder emails;
  • Panels (mailing list with additional embedded data)
  • Display logic (show a Q conditionally only if a previous Q was answered a certain way); Skip logic (If fav color = green, then skip to Q 5;
  • Randomization; evenly present elements
  • Optional back button; take survey only once (prevent ballot-box stuffing); valid from/until
  • Reports; Download to CSV, SPSS, XML;
  • Quick Survey Builder; Create from Copy
  • Question options: number of answer choices; single, multiple, or drop-down choice selection; rearranging choices in a question; automatic choice & label text
  • Rich text editor for formatting questions and answers; 
  • Force response; request response; content type validation; error messages
  • Message library (invitations, reminders, thank yous)
  • Add graphics; Embed YouTube videos
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