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Microsoft 365 at Wellesley College

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Microsoft 365 portal


Who can install Microsoft 365 on their personal device(s)?
  • Faculty and staff who have a college-owned computer assigned to you (i.e., not a shared computer)
  • Enrolled students, which includes matriculated students, exchange students, and cross-registered students.
  • Emeriti

Note:  The following groups below are not eligible for our Microsoft 365 license:

  • Alumnae
  • Retired staff
  • Non-emeriti faculty
  • Contingents (vistors, contractors, vendors, etc.)
What do I get with Microsoft 365?
  1. The latest versions of MS Office for Mac or Windows that will work as long as your Wellesley account falls under the current licensed account statuses.
  2. Online full access to mobile apps
  3. Full web access to Office apps via the Microsoft 365 portal website, similar to Google Apps.

Note: Micorosft Excel on the web is a bit limited in functionality, so you may need to donwload the Mac or Windows Excel app to get full functionality.


Is there a free Office Online if I am not eligible for the College's Microsoft 365 license?

There is a free-to-everyone version of Office Online with limited capability (for Excel, for example). Microsoft 365 available through the College is different, as it allows you to install the actual software (like Excel) on your devices and make edits for coursework.

How can I install Microsoft Office on my personally-owned device?

 If you have used your Wellesley account for Microsoft 365 in the past:

  • If you have Microsoft Office installed on your computer

    1. Launch Word, Excel, or Powerpoint

    2. Go to the Account Settings and make sure your Wellesley account is listed and activated

    3. If you see a Reactivate button, click that and it should pick up the new license.

  • If you don't have Microsoft Office installed on your computer

    1. Log in to the Microsoft 365 Portal

    2. Click on "Install and more" on the top right

    3. Click on Install Microsoft 365 apps

    4. Click on Install Office, located in the Office apps & devices box.

NOTE:  You can install MS Office apps on up to 5 devices, such as Macs, PCs, tablets and phones.


What happens to my Microsoft 365 license when I leave the College?

If you had an Microsoft 365 license as an active faculty, staff, or student and your status changed, you will see the following changes to your Microsoft 365 account:

  • You will no longer be able to login or create new documents in your Wellesley Microsoft 365 website account.
  • Your Microsoft Office installed applications will change to view-only mode. 
  • However, you should be able to open Word/Excel documents in Google Docs/Sheets

To restore full access, you will need to purchase your own Microsoft 365 subscription and sign up under a personal email account.

Still need help?

If the information on this page does not resolve an issue you're having, please let us know and provide us with details so we can best direct your need for assistance to the right team:

  • Call us:

    • Faculty & Staff: 781.283.3333 (x3333).

    • Students: 781.283.7777 (x7777).

  • Email us at

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