Fall 2024 Courses

HIST 116Y: First-Year Seminar: Vladimir Putin: Personage, President, Potentate (Tumarkin)

HIST 204: The United States History since 1865 (Greer)

HIST 205: The Making of the Modern World Order (Giersch)

HIST 214: Medieval Italy (Ramseyer)

HIST 221/ENG 221: The Renaissance (Grote)

HIST 244: History of the American West: Manifest Destiny to Pacific Imperialism (Quintana)

HIST 246: Vikings, Icons, Mongols, and Tsars (Tumarkin)

HIST 251: Roads to Power: The Transformation of Space in 19th Century North America (Quintana)

HIST 255: Black Lives Matter in Print (Greer)

HIST 262: The Life and Political World of Alexander Hamilton (Grandjean)

HIST 265: History of Modern Africa (Kapteijns)

HIST 279/379: Heresy and Popular Religion in the Middle Ages (Ramseyer)

HIST 280: Topics in Chinese Commerce and Business (Giersch)

HIST 284: The Middle East in Modern History (Kapteijns)

HIST 320: Seminar: The Hand that Feeds: A History of American Food (Grandjean)

HIST 354: Seminar: King-Killers in Early Modern Britain and France (Grote)

HIST 379/279: Heresy and Popular Religion in the Middle Ages (Ramseyer)

HIST 383: Seminar: 1947: Partition in History and Memory in South Asia (Rao)