What Do Wellesley English Grads Do?

What do Wellesley English Grads Do?


This graphic was created by The Center for Work and Service, Office of Institutional Planning and Assessment, and Library and Technology Services based on a survey sent in spring 2013 to alumnae from 5 to 45 years (in 5-year intervals) post-graduation. It shows 12 career paths  followed by English majors. The width of the line indicates the relative frequency of a particular career. 


As you can see, Wellesley College alumnae with degrees in English have brought their impressive skills in communication, careful analysis and persuasive argument to a broad spectrum of professional and vocational pursuits.  In the fields of journalism, publishing, and writing, in law and medicine, in teaching and nonprofits, in business, marketing, public relations, and technology startups, in theatre, television, film and multimedia arts, in government and public service, our English majors have flourished. We are proud of our graduates and delighted to share some of their accomplishments. Click on the names to the left to meet a few English alumnae.

If you are a Wellesley graduate who majored in English or English and Creative Writing and would like to be featured in an Alumnae Profile, please complete our Alumnae Survey and return to the English Department.  We are always interested to hear where your degree has taken you!