Copy Center Services

The Copy Center has many services to offer in order to help you with the useful, eye-catching, or informative project you're working on. Below, find a list of the services we provide:

Online Requests

The Copy Center offers a convenient way to request copy work. If you are working away from campus or late at night, you can still request a copy job using our electronic request service. Please visit the Online Request page for more information.


Our copying services are versatile, and can be used creatively to produce the results you desire. Basic copying options include: single or double-sided copying, stapling, copies on colored paper, three-hole punching, and other features. To see price estimates visit the prices page. You can leave your print request to be run, or you can use the electronic request service (see above). Your work can be returned to you via a courier to your area, or you can pick up your completed work if you wish.


The Copy Center is a primary source for creating pdf files from a hard copy to be uploaded to the e-reserve drop folder. We can also scan materials to be directly sent to your email account. For full details on the process and pricing, please consult the E-Reserves page.

Book Scanning

Book scanning is a popular service requested by faculty members. A single scan of a book, due to its labor-intensive nature, costs $.10/page, plus $1.00 per pdf. Often, we can fit two facing pages of a book onto a single page, or each page can be blown up to suit your needs. If you're planning to request book copies, be sure to read our Copyright Information.

Color Copying

Color copies can be made on card or paper stock and come in sizes ranging from 8.5" x 11" to 11" x 17". Since this is a popular service, send your request in a timely manner. If you're planning to request color copies, be sure to read our color copies page.

Spiral Binding

One of the most popular ways to create a book is using spiral binding. It is available to bind up to 550 pages with a black spiral. We offer covers, either clear plastic, or vinyl, which are included in the price, ranging from $1.50 to $3.00, depending on the number of pages. Check our binding pages for further details.

Cloth Binding

If you wold like to create a book, another very popular way is a cloth-bind. This process costs $.50 per book, or $1.00 with added plastic covers and works for packets up to two inches thick. Bindings are available in black only.


Stapling is a simple process that can be applied to almost any copy job. Automatic stapling, which is done by the copy machine, can consist of up to two staples in a packet. For thicker packets, we recommend cloth, spiral or Binding.


The Copy Center can fold your copies in several different ways. Automatic machine-folding can be performed on 8.5" x 11" paper, and also on 11" x 17" paper. We can now automatically fold booklets while they are copied. One of our most popular folding services is letter folding. Options for this include:

  • Letter folding: tri-folding. This can be either head-in, in which the print is not visible, or head-out, in which the print is visible, so that the head of a letter can be shown.
  • Folding in Half
Campus Mailing

In the green spirit of the campus, please seriously consider your request for a mailing. We encourage you to explore other options. If a mailing is appropriate, mailings can be done by the Copy Center, mainly for administrative offices. If a department wishes to send copies of information to the entire campus, faculty and staff only, or students only, the Copy Center can sort, bundle, and mail them for you for an additional charge. Printing Services offers letter-shop mailings, which include envelope mailing, addressing, metering, etc. For more information contact Rick Bourque x2032.


Collating is a basic services provided with copies of packets, and can also be performed on more complicated jobs. Front and back covers can be added, of a different type of paper; sheets can be inserted as section breaks within a packet, and cardstock sheets can be inserted as well. Many collating processes can take place automatically, but some require additional manual collation (for example, the collation of separate stapled packets or of different-colored sections of a lab manual).


The Copy Center provides pickup and delivery of jobs to the Green Hall mailroom located on the first floor at 2pm each day. We also offer job deliveries through campu mail.


Setup is a service that becomes necessary when a customer's originals are of poor quality, old, hard-to-read, in book form, or for some other reason is not copy ready. This is an optimization process, sometimes necessary to do the job. Please ask for a quote. 


The Copy Center can copy flyers in both color ink and black and white, on 8.5" x 11", 8.5" by 14" or 11" x 17" paper. Some sizes can be printed on cardstock paper as well. For paper and cardstock sizes and color options, see our paper page. Our copiers are equipped with features to enhance photos' appearances, so your flyers are nicely printed. Another way to ensure high quality images is to provide a high resoultion file with high quality images to ensure quality printing. 

Table Tents

Table tents are a popular way of publicizing for events on-campus. They can be printed in color ink or black and white.



With our small electric cutter, we offer fast cutting for table tents, notices, postcards, tickets, etc. For extremely precise, or multiple cuts please contact printing services, x2032. Cutting is done at Print/Copy Services on a high-capacity cutter. The cost of out cutting depends on the stock (card or paper) and quantity. See our prices page for more information.

Confidential Copying

The staff at the Copy Center understands that certain jobs are private, and must be kept that way. If your materials are of an especially private nature, simply let us know when you drop off your job by marking the "CONFIDENTIAL" box at the top of your copy request form, or choose the "Confidential Copy Request" form on our Firstclas Conference. This procedure assures that your copies will be run by the manager, kept in a secure place, and any extra copies will be destroyed.

Course Books/Packets

Course packets are extremely limited by copyright rules. We ask that you follow our Copyright rules which can be found under the Copyright Info tab. If you need to have a Course Book or Packet, please speak directly with the staff at x2395 or by email. The copy center offers coverstock paper in a variety of colors (see our paper page) and cloth binding or spiral binding to help the course packets last for an entire semester. You can also get your packet three-hole punched.

If your course packets are going to be sold as textbooks in the Wellesley College Bookstore, you must go to the bookstore with your originals because the job request must come from the bookstore if you want them sold there.

On-Demand Policies

If your job is not extremely large and does not require a lot of setup, and especially if you are in a great hurry, the staff at Print/Copy Services can help you complete your print request with a print ready fileAcademic materials for classes have the highest priority in this process. If the job cannot be completed while you wait, we can email or call you when it is ready, or you can come back to pick it up at a later time.

Thesis Copying

The Copy Center is a primary resource for thesis copying. For finishing, once the thesis is written please consult with your advisor about proper finishing based on your department's requirements. Many students are able to have thesis copies paid for by the department. If you are authorized to charge your thesis to a department, please bring the department's budget number with you when you drop off your thesis for copying. We not only copy, but also cloth bind or spiral bind your thesis to make it look as professional as possible based on your department's preferences.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the Copy Center at x2395.

Other Printing Services

The Copy Center, as a quick printer, offers many services, but we don't do everything. For other needs such as press runs, laminating, letterhead, business cards, design services and letter shop mailing services, please contact Printing Services at x2032.

Scrap Paper Pad

In keeping with our recycling mandate and the green spirit of the campus, the Print/Copy Services provides scrap pads. Scrap pads are very handy next to the phone or computer for quick notes of brilliant thoughts (or just doodling!). We make pads from damaged stock, test run stock, outdated letter head, and the occasional copy error. The standard size pad measures 4.25" x 5.5", although we also produce 5" x 8" size. We use standard environmentally friendly water-based padding cement. Pads from random scrap are available to everyone on campus, free of charge. Stop by to pick up your own supply, or call/email us here, and we will deliver them to your location.

Copier Fleet (MFD) Support

The Copy Center coordinates resources and supports all MFD units outside of the computer labs. We provide first responder assistance, and escalation to involve Conway Services or LTS Services when needed. Please contact the Copy Center for support with your MFD at x1111. For training, you can contact Jill Little ( at Conway. We can also assist offices with functionality issues. For desktop support, we can come to you to help load drivers and add favorites for email scanning. For driver information, please see this Instructional Support (IS) page.

Poster Printing

You can email copycenter@wellesley or with your poster request. Please attach finished poster pdf. Include finished poster size and due date. We can accept a credit card, cash, check made out to "Collegiate Press" or a budget number for payment.