The Wellesley College Library provides many useful links to cognitive science-related websites.

In addition, students may also want to examine useful Internet resources in related disciplines.

Linguistics Resources on the Web

Linguistics, Natural Language, and Computational Linguistics Meta-index

An organized, well-maintained site with lots of connections to linguistic resources on the web.

The Eclectic Company

Another interesting website with lots of connections to topics of interest to linguists. It is less well maintained, so that some of the links no longer work, but there are many good ones that still do.

Linguistic Fun Land

Focused mostly on ESL and language teaching, this site has a number of interesting links not found in any of the sources above.

The Center for Applied Linguistics

Lots of resources about bilingualism, the teaching of English and second languages, etc.

For information on issues in linguistics

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Encyclopedia entries on linguistics that cover theoretical linguistics, phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, lexical semantics, stylistics, prescription, pragmatics, applied linguistics, sociolinguistics, generative linguistics. cognitive linguistics, computational linguistics, historical linguistics, etymology, and list of linguists.

UCLA Phonetics Lab

The Phonetics Lab has demos.

Online Phonetics Resources

Contains web sites that could be appropriate for use in an introductory phonetics course.

Language resources

I Love Languages

A great site with over 2000 links to web resources about linguistics and languages:

Lexicon of Linguistics

Look up definitions and examples of linguistic terms.

Your Dictionary

Lots of different dictionaries and more.

For linguistics fun

Linguistic humor

A collection of one-liners, jokes and neologisms, some more funny than others.

Connecting with other linguists

The Linguist List

Information about issues of linguistic interest, jobs, conferences, books and journals. Also a great place to pose a linguistic query to the general community.

The Language Log

Linguists weigh in on issues of linguistic interest in the news.

Organizations for linguists

The Linguistic Society of America

The professional organization for linguists.

American Dialect Society

The American Dialect Society has a fun contest for "word of the year."


An organization particularly for those linguists who do field work.