Welcome to Wabancam, your window into the beauty and tranquility of Wellesley’s campus, wherever you may be.

The Paulson Ecology of Place Initiative and Communications & Public Affairs teamed up to create Wabancam, a livestreamed video feed of Lake Waban, one of Wellesley’s most iconic and beloved campus features.

The goal of Wabancam is to provide the Wellesley community with a window to campus, no matter where in the world you may be. Please let us know if you observe any interesting activity—Are the beavers out and about at their lodge? Have swans come into view?—by using #Wabancam on social media.

For a truly immersive experience as you enjoy the livestream, listen to these sounds of nearby wildlife and a bubbling brook that feeds Lake Waban. You’ll hear the American goldfinch, red-winged blackbird, black-capped chickadee, red-bellied woodpecker, northern flicker, blue jay, and song sparrow.


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0:02	American Goldfinch “Po ta to Chip” 
0:03	Red-winged Blackbird song “conk-la-ree!”
0:12	Red-winged blackbird call “chee check check”
0:25	American Goldfinch “bay-bee” 
1:29    American Goldfinch “Po ta to chip” “bay-bee”
2:12	Red-winged Blackbird song “conk-la-ree!” 
2:44	Black-capped chickadee in background “chick a dee dee dee”
3:11	Red-bellied woodpecker rolling “kwirr”
3:15	Northern Flicker “wuk wuk wuk wuk wuk wuk”
4:49	Blue Jay call “jeer jeer”
9:27	Song Sparrow in far background (three staccato notes and then trill)
9:29	Woodpecker hammering