Student Interdisciplinary Data Initiative (SIDI)

The Student Interdisciplinary Data Initiative (SIDI), affiliated with the Quantitative Analysis Institute, is dedicated to fostering interdisciplinary data conversation and enthusiasm for all students. We hope to build a place for laughter and collaboration—from data literacy to interdisciplinary projects (Shakespearean word cloud analyses? musical graphics? geopolitical mapping visualizations? the sky's the limit!), we aspire to empower and solve through courageous data adventurism. 

​Our dream: To create a fun place for the Data Science community at Wellelsey from majors to the data inclined from humanitarians, activists, writers, musicians, researchers, scientists, the business saavy, future doctors, engineers, linguists, anthropologists, and absolutely anyone to talk and collaborate with each other, all united in our love for data! No prior experience in data science/statistics necessary.


  • Interdisciplinarity
  • Laughter and collaboration
  • Empowerment of female, non-binary, and any other group of students underrepresented in data-related areas (we can do this!)
  • Data enthusiasm and data literacy
  • Courageous adventurism
  • A network for Data Science students at Wellesley

We would love to create a moment and space in which students of all backgrounds and interests can come together to have fun, be creative, and venture through all curiosities and longings. 

Join us!

We are hoping to reach any Wellesley students who are interested in turning this into reality. Please fill out this form if you are interested in (1) receiving updates, (2) serving on our eboard, or (3) attending events. Please join this Slack channel (with your email addresses) to say hi! Lastly, take a look at our Instagram for the most up-to-date details about SIDI events and updates.