SI Courses

Supplemental Instruction


SI is a specific academic support model designed to give students the opportunity to practice outside of class, in a relaxed, informal environment. SI Sessions are led by a student who has successfully completed the course in a prior semester and is trained by the PLTC to support peer learning. SI is open to all students enrolled in the course, regardless of their level of fluency.


SI Leaders work closely with the course professor to identify challenging content and focus on specific strategies necessary for success in the course.


SI attendance and sessions are voluntary, and students can choose to attend some or all sessions. 


Why SI?


  • SI provides extra practice that can help a student progress toward competency within a course


  • Group work! SI often involves a communal approach to considering and answering challenging questions and concepts. You’ll get to know your fellow SI attendees very well.


  • Many students like to ask questions of their peers. In combination with a strong professor/student relationship, peer-to-peer support can offer a valuable perspective on their course.



If you would like to see if SI is offered for any of your courses, check our the Term 3 2021 calendar here.*


*Please note that you must be signed into your Wellesley Google account to view this calendar.