Useful Handouts

Time Management

Here is a collection of handouts designed to help you maximize and organize your time.

  1. Spring on a Page 2024
  2. Weekly Schedule: A blank schedule page of one week
  3. Monthly Schedule: A blank schedule page of one month
  4. Not Enough Time in the Day: Tips for making more time in your day, and blank schedules to map it out
  5. Time and Task Management: Advice and examples for organizing your tasks for the week
  6. Successful Study Tips: How to plan and manage your study time
  7. Avoiding Academic Roadblocks: What not to do in order to succeed academically
  8. Not Enough Time in the Day?: Taking a detailed look at your study time
  9. Procrastination Prevention: Quiz yourself to find out how much you really procrastinate!
  10. Set your Goals Now!: How to formulate strong, achievable goals for yourself
  11. Take Five for Successful Time Management: Five principles for using your time wisely. 

Learning, Studying and Test Taking

Here is a collection of handouts designed to help you study efficiently

  1. Notes on Notes: Tips to help you take down what really matters
  2. Memory Tips and Techniques: Ways to help your mind absorb information
  3. Planning and Time: Planning your study time
  4. Study Groups: Learn how to be an effective group learner
  5. Study Environments: The best places to study on campus.
  6. Weekly Planning Example: What your study plan should look like
  7. Strategies for Successful Test Taking: What it takes to make the grade
  8. Test-Taking: What should you do during the test
  9. Five-Day Study Plan: Planning the week before an exam
  10. Thoughts About Effective Memorization: How to memorize information effectively
  11. Study Secrets from Faculty: Faculty from different departments give information about how to study in specific disciplines.

Planning, Scheduling and Registration

Here is a collection of handouts designed to help you effectively plan for and complete scheduling and registering for classes.

  1. Wellesley Requirement Checklist: A checklist of all the requirements you need to complete before graduation
  2. Registration: Tips for a successful registration day
  3. Choosing Your Major: Advice on how to pick your undergraduate major(s)
  4. Fall on a Page / Spring on a Page: A quick reference sheet for the semester
  5. Weekly Class Schedule: A blank class schedule with room for one week

Reading and Writing

Here is a collection of handouts designed to help you read and write more productively.

  1. Effective Reading: A collection of general advice on making your reading time more productive
  2. Improving Reading Comprehension: Advice on how to improve your reading comprehension
  3. Getting Words on the Page: How to combat writer's block

Public Speaking

Here is a collection of handouts designed to improve your public speaking and oral presentation skills.

  1. Speaking Up in Class: How to increase your in-class participation
  2. Leading Class Discussions: How to be an effective discussion leader
  3. Public Speaking in a Leadership Role: Tips for effective public speaking specific to speaking from a leadership position
  4. Preparing an Oral Presentation: A list of questions to ask yourself as you prepare an oral presentation
  5. Enhancing PowerPoint Presentations: How to make an effective PowerPoint presentation
  6. The Shakes: Avoiding the jitters on presentation day
  7. Coping with Anxiety: How to not let your anxiety get the best of you
  8. Breathing, Projection, and Enunciation: How to perfect the details of your oral technique

Stress and Health

Here is a collection of handouts designed to help you treat and prevent all types of stress.

  1. On Sleep: The characteristics of sleep and why it is so important
  2. Stress Busters: How to treat and prevent all levels of stress
  3. Combat Academic Stress: How to avoid letting your academic work stress you out
  4. The Shakes: Avoiding public speaking jitters
  5. Public Speaking Anxiety: How to not let your anxiety get the best of you during an oral presentation
  6. Post-Test Stress: What to do if a test didn't go as well as you'd hoped