Expectations Peer Educators

Expectations for Peer Educators

While the precise requirements for PLTC peer educators vary based on each program, there are some general guidelines that apply to all positions. 

Please note that work study eligible students are encouraged to apply for all PLTC positions and will be given priority consideration. 


All peer educators:


  1. Possess a positive attitude and passion for helping their peers get the most out of their time at Wellesley


  1. Have a basic understanding and willingness to learn research-based active learning techniques


  1. Model habits that lead to student success by regularly attending their own courses and completing their own coursework.


  1. Keep an open line of communication with the PLTC, their academic departments, and their faculty liaisons (if applicable), reaching out to ask questions or to problem solve and responding to emails within 48 hours of receiving them.


  1. Track and submit their work hours according to the schedule shared at the beginning of the term. This includes both Workday and TracCloud entries (see our Peer Educator Guide to TracCloud here). 


  1. Attend mandatory new peer educator training prior to the beginning of the semester or term.


  1. Attend scheduled in-service meetings throughout the term of employment.


  1. Comply with all PLTC policies and procedures as outlined in the job description.


If you are interested in becoming a peer educator, please see our Becoming a Peer Educator page.


If you are already a peer educator and would like a more detailed overview of your position’s goals, please reference the training manual you were provided during new tutor training or as an update at  the start of a new semester.