Faculty Seminars

Description of Proposed Activities

AY 2021 - 2022 events will continue with our focused, cross-disciplinary discussions around one topic to see how we might apply our core principles. A few panelists will begin each discussion with some opening remarks, but we imagine the discussion will be widely shared amount all attendees.

We will continue to seek outside speakers to join our panels with experience translating and/or delivering work to non-academic audiences.

Much of the energy around PPLA seemed to be focused on the effort we as faculty make to do work that is relevant, meaningful, and impactful. Yet, what it means to do this kind of work varies across disciplines, area of study, faculty rank, and other dimensions. Many of us seek to do this kind of work, but we struggle to find ways to do so. PPLA presents an opportunity for us to address some of these challenges.

Fall 2021 Programming

Resisting the Carceral State 

  Co-Creating Abolitionist Futures

      Speaker Series

Presented by PPLA in collaboration with POL4 341, WGST 221, & the Davis Museum's Prison Nation