Ambassador Susan Rice Reflects on Political and Personal Lessons Learned at Albright Institute Wintersession

Susan Rice talks to a Wellesley professor in front of a blue backdrop
Image credit: Kelly Fitzsimmons
January 10, 2020

On January 9, Ambassador Susan Rice joined Michael Jeffries, Class of 1949 Professor in Ethics and associate professor of American studies at Wellesley, on stage in Jewett Auditorium to discuss the personal and professional lessons she learned while working in the Clinton and Obama administrations, which she recounts in her new memoir, Tough Love: My Story of the Things Worth Fighting For.

Rice talked about the current state of international politics and the ongoing tensions between the United States and Iran, as well as her own background: her childhood, her experiences as one of the youngest assistant secretaries of state in U.S. history, and the challenges of balancing her personal life with high-level White House work. “I learned early, and found the value, in just knowing who I am,” she said. “Believing that I was worthy and pushing back when people were questioning my right to be.”    

The Wintersession program is one of the Albright Institute’s many initiatives designed to educate and inspire the next generation of female leaders in the context of an increasingly complex and interconnected global environment.